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Let's Build Your Private Practice Together

My name is Courtney Harring and building private practices is my passion.

I have set up #50 private practices, 4 small hospital systems, in addition to two of my own.  My clients are typically people who:

  • Started their practice without help, or with help that was anything but helpful.
  • Hired someone to get them credentialed with payors only to find out that it was never done or wasn’t done properly. 
  • Can’t get paid for a myriad of reasons that they don’t understand because they are healthcare professionals, not billing specialists.
  • Are stressed out and needlessly losing money because they’re specialty is healthcare, not business.
  • Feel beholden to their front desk staff but can’t get them to properly verify benefits and collect copay, which is immediate money in the bank.


What Do I Do?

I'm Courtney

I've always loved to work with others who enjoy working with people.  Healthcare is so important, and good health is the foundation for everything we do.  We need providers who know and understand how to create practices that are profitable, while still providing excellent, quality care to their patients without worrying about whether or not they will be able to make payroll!   

My Story

 It's Time To Take The Mystery Out of Private Practice!

Our team offers one-on-one guidance and group support in a community setting.


Healthcare And Business Courses

All Classes Are Live!

To be the best, you must understand the ins and outs of healthcare from a business perspective.

Learn how to create accountability in your office, and understand all aspects of your private practice.  There are 4 key factors that go into having a successful practice.  This is what you will learn by taking classes with me and my team!

  • Clear Private Practice Policies and procedures
  • Workflow and its importance
  • Medical billing and Coding
  • Business Structure

We even have a 6-month course that teaches you how to build your own private practice!  Join my free webinar to learn more!

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Business Creation Part #1

4- week on how to build your business whether you decide to have an LLC, PLLC, group practice and or you are a solo practitioner.  You need to know how to structure and create your business properly.

Personal Branding Coaching Part #1

4 week course on how to create and launch your personal brand to the world.  This course goes well with the content creation course.

Medical Billing Part #1

4-week course for behavioral health providers and medical providers to learn the fundamentals of medical billing.

Healthcare Content Creation Part #1

4-week course to show you how to post on social media platforms and why it's important to your practice and personal brand.  This course goes well with the group coaching course.

Credentialing Part #1

4-week course on how to credential your practice, read contracts and negotiate your contracted rates. 

Automate, Outsource and Delegate (AOD) Part #1

We will identify the organization values, create a mission statement and a vision to align with the values. We will go over how to and why we need to hire people that align with the values and to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, heard and seen. 


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12 monthly payments

  • Access to Healthcare and Business Discord Community
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  • Access to other healthcare professionals
  • Access to exclusive class offers
  • Live text support with Healthcare and Business Staff

One 4-Week Course


Discord Community included

  • Invite to Orientation
  • Weekly live classes.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Access to all items provided in the discord community package for 4 weeks is included.
  • Invite to Private Discord Community Course Chat

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Three 4-Week Courses

  • Access to Three 4 week courses
  • Invite to Orientation
  • Weekly live classes.
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Access to all items provided in the discord community package for 4 weeks is included.
  • Invite to Private Discord Community Course Chat

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We continue to grow our community with healthcare providers from around the country and around the world. 

By being in this community you will engage with others daily, receive daily prompts from our team members, and engage in great conversations!

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Watch my pre-recorded webinar and learn some aspects of what private practices must know in order to be successful.  

Some of the highlights of my webinar include:

  • The Definition of a Healthcare-Focused Entrepreneur
  • Revenue Flow
  • Patient Retention
  • Digital Products
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